herricane  rose

(i’m still recovering from the wreckage)


a fallen body amongst the rubble,


& sometimes, the very wreckage that destroys us
ends up being the catalyst for our greatest healing

(thank you)

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about the book

herricane rose

this is not just a collection of poetry,
but an encapsulation of moments
from a time in life that i thought
i’d never make it out alive.

and so each night from the deepest parts;
i offered myself up to the universe,
begging for her to take it all away..

but she reminded me;
i still have work to do.

so i kneeled on the floor,
excavating my soul
& alchemising my pain.
creating a tangible experience of my journey
from heartbreak
to healing.

this is
the hurricane
of her.

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about the author

jaymee leyana

a mother, writer, spoken word poet, dancer, ocean lover & sunset enthusiast.

though her feet are currently grounded in melbourne, australia,
her head lives way up in the cosmos.

jaymee leyana © 2023